Mother and infant at a hospital in Ukraine.

Health leaders in Eastern Europe are re-prioritizing diarrheal disease by updating national plans and addressing downward trends in the use of proven solutions (see table below).

Several countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia struggle with high rates of diarrheal disease morbidity among young children. Use of oral rehydration solution and continued feeding across the region are low, and diarrhea morbidity has a significant economic impact on households and government programs.

Republic of Georgia

In the Republic of Georgia, PATH is partnering with the Ministry of Labor, Health, and Social Affairs, the Pediatric Association, and the Curatio International Foundation to bring together experts from many fields to review evidence on diarrheal disease control interventions, update provider protocols for managing diarrheal disease, and update the country’s multi-year plan for immunization in anticipation of introducing rotavirus vaccines soon. We also are supporting rotavirus surveillance strengthening and providing training on diarrheal disease management.


PATh is helping officials in Ukraine develop a multi-year plan on immunization, likely to include rotavirus vaccine introduction. In addition, we developed educational materials for all of the country’s general practitioners about rotavirus, rotavirus vaccines, and clinical management of diarrhea.

Photo: PATH/Mike Wang.